Riding With James

roadRiding With James

James has been homeless for a long time. Over the past several years, he’s stayed off and on with various family members and friends.  This week James’ disability money ran out and he also ran out of favors. His friend asked him to leave.

Looking for help, James Googled “Churches” and “Route 1” – and Good Shepherd came up first. James called Good Shepherd and we provided him with food and a list of area shelters.  James called them all, but they were all full.

I told James that I would drive him to Gettysburg if he was interested in the Adams Rescue Mission program there. He spoke with the mission and agreed to it.

So I drove him to Gettysburg.

Now this is God!

I had the most amazing ride with James!  We were still on the beltway when James declared, “Now this – this right here (indicating our ride together) is God!”

That was the beginning of a 90 minute conversation about God and about life.  Someday James would like to write a book.  I think I’d like to read it. Here is some of what he said:

  • People throw out broken things. God uses broken things.
  • Don’t ever lose your spiritual swagger.
  • I want to keep plugged in – like a refrigerator!  You gotta stay plugged into the source – if you don’t, things will be okay for a little while – but sooner or later it’s going to smell!
  • Everyone wants to be able to give to others.
  • I’m not afraid to say that I cry sometimes.

I asked James if I could share something about our visit with others.  He said he’d be disappointed if I didn’t because “This is God!” (And he said it would only be fair –  he’s planning on including it in his book!)

In Christ,

Pastor Jen


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