And We Ate Chicken

And We Ate Chicken


It was about a 30 minute van ride from our hotel in Nuevo Concepcion to the village of Chacocoyal. We arrived and the church had already gathered, waiting for us for who knows how long.


They were seated on plastic chairs in the hot sun. As we moved towards the seats near them, they redirected us to another spot where there were chairs under the roof of the porch so we would be in the shade.


After a time of worship together, we moved our chairs into a big circle for introductions. Everyone introduced themselves by name and by the role they had in the church – and everyone had a role.

After we introduced ourselves, we were each individually called forward to receive a gift, a hug and a round of applause. (A round of applause not for doing anything but simply for being.)


It was lunchtime then, and I was a bit surprised given the hospitality we’d received thus far, that the community was serving themselves first – a plate with a dollop of noodles and a scoop of rice and a tortilla, with juice to drink.


But after they had all received their food, we were ushered under the roof again to sit at tables set with tablecloths. We then received our plates – no noodles for us, but a plate loaded with roasted chicken, broccoli, and rice. We each were given a can of Coca-Cola to drink.


Time and time again we have been given the absolute best our fellow Lutherans in El Salvador have had to offer – the best seats and the best food. We have been showered with gifts and embraced with warmth.


It has been humbling.


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