All About That Badge (‘bout that badge, ‘bout that badge…)

photo (9)All About That Badge (‘bout that badge, ‘bout that badge…)

If you listen at all to pop music, you’ve probably heard Meghan Trainor’s song, “All About That Bass.”

And if you look at all at YouTube videos, you’ve probably seen at least one parody of the song: written by a family for Thanksgiving (“All About That Baste”); by a group of NASA interns (“All About That Space”); by some Star Wars fans (“All About That Base”); by some librarians (“All About Those Books”); and even by some fishermen (“All About The Bass”)!

This Sunday is Scout Sunday and so I’ve been reflecting about my brief time as a Brownie followed by a few years as a Girl Scout. I confess, that at the time, for me, it was “All About That Badge” (‘bout that badge, ‘bout that badge).

I was proud to earn badges for cooking and music, camping and art. Receiving a badge gave me a sense of accomplishment. It was a tangible marker of achievement.

And then I “graduated” from Girl Scouts and there were no more badges.  And I went to Confirmation class and learned that we Lutherans weren’t really about the badges but about the grace (‘bout that grace, ‘bout that grace…)

But sometimes I look around and I really wish I could give out some badges.

How about a parenting badge? I see families trying to share time and values with their children when it’s increasingly difficult to do so. You deserve a badge!

How about a vocational badge? I see people looking to find meaning in their daily work and others who are searching for work which provides meaning. You deserve a badge!

How about a badge for endurance? Some of you have chronic pain. Some of you have family members who have repeatedly disappointed you. Some of you feel trapped in your life circumstances. You deserve a badge too!

Our adult struggles don’t end with a celebration and the gift of a badge of achievement that we can wear for all to see.  They change us internally. They become part of us. They make us human. They help us have compassion for others.

Others will see not the badge, but the fruit of the badge. (And nothing needs to be sewn or ironed on!)

In Christ,

Pastor Jen


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