Awkward is Good

TDTRAwkward Is Good

The 2014 movie “Dear White People” is a satirical look at racism and the blind spots of well-intentioned Caucasians. NY Times reviewer A.O. Scott says that the film has many awkward moments – awkward enough to want people to talk about racism afterwards – and that’s a good thing.

Tomorrow at Good Shepherd, we will have an opportunity to talk about racism.

Laura McDowell and Sheri Swackhamer will lead us in conversation at a “Today’s Dream: Tomorrow’s Reality” (TDTR) program. TDTR is an initiative of the Women of the ELCA formed to help build anti-racist organizations.

During our morning together, we will relate our conversations to current news events, including the events in Ferguson, MO which led to a Department of Justice investigation. The investigation report was released this week and it offered scathing criticism of law enforcement agencies in Ferguson.

What do we do about it?

One thing we can do is to learn more about ourselves and our own conscious and unconscious associations with race. I imagine there will be some awkward moments tomorrow morning. If those awkward moments create conversation, that’s a good thing!

Join us from 9:15am-Noon!

In Christ,
Pastor Jen


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