Making a Meaningful Difference

pledgeMaking a Meaningful Difference

This is “pledge week” at National Public Radio. It’s not my favorite week to listen to the radio, but I learned something. I learned that people commit time, money, and energy to places and causes they know make a meaningful difference in the world.

I just happen to believe that Good Shepherd makes a meaningful difference in the world. Maybe we don’t talk about that enough. Here are some ways your investment in the ministry of Good Shepherd made a difference this week:

  • We provided a noon meal for ~60 homeless men and women.
  • We held a memorial service for a 39 year old former resident of Guest House, a home for recently-incarcerated women.
  • We gave a young father some toothbrushes and soap from our collection for Lutheran World Relief because he was in immediate need.
  • We gave a homeless man $50 Giant gift card so he could purchase his medication.
  • We mailed 41 flyers of invitation to seniors in our community to come to Young in Heart – a ministry which will provide morning prayer, lunch, and a trivia game with Giant food store gift cards as prizes.
  • We hosted a workshop on ending racism.
  • We made plans to meet with families of 5 children who will be baptized in the coming weeks.
  • Our first communion class learned that Holy Communion is a meal which leads us to share with others.
  • Twenty-two members of the congregation took part in small group discussions about Desmond Tutu’s book The Book of Forgiving.
  • Two members of our congregation were officially registered into the process of seeking ordination in the ELCA.
  • We heard a powerful story about forgiveness shared by one of our teenagers at the midweek Holden evening prayer service.
  • We received a note of thanks from Mayor Bill Euille for our work with Hunger Free Alexandria.
  • Our youth Sunday School class began a discussion on struggles of faith with their families.
  • We received an order of ice melt – ensuring that we’ve had the final ice/snow of the season. J

These are only some of the things I know about!

Please know that your support is greatly appreciated.

I hope and trust that the work of the church reflected your values this week as we provided comfort for the grieving, fed the hungry, shared with those who are poor, worked to end racism, prayed for forgiveness, struggled with questions of faith, learned about sacraments, and visited the sick – all in response to the gift of love we’ve received in Jesus Christ.

Thank you!

In Christ,

Pastor Jen


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