In Their Words

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In Their Words

The day after Thanksgiving may be “Black Friday” to some, but to others it is unofficially known as the “National Day of Listening.” It’s a day when we are encouraged to set aside some time to listen and record the stories of our family, friends, and neighbors.

Yesterday became a “Day of Listening” at Good Shepherd. During our “Young in Heart” senior ministry program, we listened to stories from the twenty or so men and women who gathered in our dining room.

It was a remarkable afternoon.

We heard funny stories of embarrassing moments (meeting Bobby Kennedy); inspiring stories filled with hope (studying for a GED); quirky stories of life in the 50’s (refrigerating clothing!); sad stories of life in the midst of segregation (not being allowed in Del Ray after 6pm); and important stories of history seldom told (visiting the gravesites of family members who were George Washington’s slaves).

When you have 15 minutes, check out a clip of the video on YouTube here:

These are important stories for all of us to hear!

In Christ,

Pastor Jen


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