Just Say It

say itA number of years ago, after witnessing an interaction with her daughter, I said to a friend of mine, “You’re a good mother.” She burst into tears.

Last week, in a conversation with another friend of mine whose voice was weak and breath labored as she was in the final stages of cancer, I mentioned, “You have been such a loving pastor.” Her voice immediately brightened and she said, “You think so? You really think so?”

I don’t know why I don’t share the good that I see in the people I love more often.

All day long most of us hear plenty of words telling us that we don’t measure up. Words that say we ought to be someone different or do something differently. Words like, “Why do you always _______,” or “Why can’t you just __________?” or “You should _______ .”

Sometimes these words come from others and sometimes they come from within ourselves.

It is a gift to hear words of encouragement from our friends. Tell them. Just say it. It may mean more than you realize.

In Christ,

Pastor Jen


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