One Little Boy

syria mapOne Little Boy

I struggled with what to write today.

Like you, I’ve been devastated by the news images of three year old Aylan Kurdi, in his red tee shirt, blue shorts, and black sneakers. His poor little body washed ashore like… like… well, you know what else gets washed ashore.

The world has been outraged. Turkish social media shared the photos with the hashtag, “KiyiyaVuranInsanlik” — Turkish for “Humanity Washed Ashore.”

The picture has brought into our hearts what we knew in our heads: as a result of civil war and the rise of ISIS, millions of people within Syria and Iraq have been displaced and looking for asylum. They include men, women, and three year old boys and girls.

In the picture of “Humanity Washed Ashore,” we have witnessed the horror of the Syrian conflict. Some have said this picture of one little boy may be enough to change the hearts and minds of the world. May it be so. May it be so.

In Christ,

Pastor Jen


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