My Refrigerator Magnet


Like you, I have friends who are different from me. They hold different political or religious opinions or favor different sports teams. Some are extremely passionate about their opinions!


A challenge for me when I see their social media newsfeeds is to know when and if to respond. Sometimes I’m tempted to ‘block’ their posts – but I value their friendship. And yet, especially when I read hateful comments across their feed, it also doesn’t feel right to do or say nothing.


This week, one of my friends started posting some hateful things about Muslims. I didn’t respond… And then I walked by my refrigerator.


On my refrigerator is a magnet I bought at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum gift shop a number of years ago. In large block letters it says, “Think About What You Saw” and in smaller letters, “the next time you witness hatred; the next time you see injustice; the next time you hear about genocide.”


So I’ve started to respond. Not in lengthy posts, but in short phrases to indicate some sort of protest. I’ve responded, “I disagree,” and “It’s not my experience with my Muslim friends.”


This morning my friend again said something disparaging about Muslims, but this time he said it was about extremists. Maybe a small change?


In Christ,

Pastor Jen


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