Becoming Prayer

nursing home

Sometimes people tell me that prayer doesn’t work. And to be honest, sometimes I feel that way myself.

My prayers don’t often seem to change the world around me.

But here’s the thing…they do often change me.  I notice things more. I pay attention more. And maybe that’s how prayer is supposed to work. Maybe prayer changes us so that we can respond to the needs for which we pray.

Yesterday I read some ideas of how we can become the answer to our prayers. [i]Check them out. They’re remarkably possible…and I think they could really make a difference both for us and for others:

Praying for peace? Take a break from noise. Turn off things that make noise for a day or a week and spend the time in silence, speaking only when necessary. And remember those in our world whose voices have been silenced.

Praying for an end to loneliness? Go to a home for the elderly and get a list of folks who don’t get any visitors. Visit them each week and tell stories, read together, or play board games.

Praying for economic justice? Laugh at advertisements, especially ones that teach that you can buy happiness.

Praying for more kindness in the world? Go down a line of parked cars and add money to the meters that are expired. Leave a little note saying something nice.

Praying for immigration reform or a more sustainable environment? Connect with a group of migrant workers or farmers who grow your food. Visit their farm. Maybe even pick some veggies with them. Ask what they get paid.

Become the answer to your own prayers.


In Christ,

Pastor Jen

[i] by Shane Claiborne and Jonathon Wilson- Hartgrove in Morning Prayer for March 31, 2016.


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