Reflection on First Year of Seminary

Shared by Maggie Anderson Peterson, MDiv candidate, Luther Seminary

Awesome, empowering, affirming, life-changing. These are words that I would use to describe my first year of seminary. Every day seems to pose its own new challenge, whether it be a theological, academic, or personal challenge. But rather than seeming daunting, working my way through these challenges has been the most enriching life experience I have ever had, made all the more so because of the outstanding support I have received from my communities.

In my first semester of seminary, I was required to write what amounted to 30 pages of my understanding of the Trinity, the promise of God and how Trinitarian theology affected my call to community. For a brand-new seminarian, it seemed an impossible task. How could I explain the very core tenant of Christian theology based on just a few months of study? How could I possibly put into words the truly awesome relationship between God and humanity? How could I, a simple seminary student, understand the magnitude of God’s promise? But something incredible happened in the wee hours of the night as I labored over my thoughts, and the words detailing God’s promise to me, my calling to ministry, and my relationship with God and the world flowed out of me like the love of God itself. It was a moment fueled by grace and Spirit, and at the very point when I felt most discouraged, I was lifted up by God and renewed in my calling once again. (By the way, I aced that paper.)

Seminary is filled with moments like that one every day, big and small. It’s an incredible rollercoaster of a journey. It’s not uncommon to go from feeling overjoyed to infuriated to awestruck in one day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s the biggest challenge I’ve ever undertaken in my life, and I could never do this without your support. Thank you for being there for me along the way!



P.S. Check out my new blog at if you want to read more about my thoughts on ministry!


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