We Stand With You


I’m still processing the events of early last Sunday morning in Orlando. During the morning, someone added “the people of Orlando, Florida” to our prayers at church, but I did not learn why until after worship.

Since then, I have barely stopped thinking about it. This week I’ve attended vigils, met with clergy, read responses from a multitude of people and organizations, talked to Muslim and immigrant colleagues, and prayed and prayed and prayed.

One note I received has particularly influenced how I have responded. A friend writes:

As a mom with a lesbian daughter who loves to go out dancing — as a mom who has lain in bed, half-awake, waiting to hear the front door open — this is personal, and I am grateful.  


In announcements and Facebook posts, in prayers and in worship, please name the LGBTQ community. More than ever, the LGBTQ communities need to hear the message that they are beloved, and that we are standing with them and for them.


For the LGBTQ community (and in particular for persons of color who are LGBTQ), this is personal.


We stand with you. You are beloved.


In Christ,

Pastor Jen


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