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Blind Spots

Lent 4A – Blind Spots

John 9:1-41

March 26, 2017


Some of you know that I drive a Toyota Yaris.

For the most part, I love this car –

It’s small enough to park

And yet has a hatchback so I can fit my bike in the back.

Actually those were about the only two requirements I had in a car when I bought it.


As I started driving my Yaris though –I realized there was a problem.

The first time I noticed it was on the beltway,

and just as I was thinking of moving to the right lane,

a car came up out of nowhere…

The car has a huge blind spot.


The story of Jesus and the man born blind

reminds us that all of us have blind spots.

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The Glory We Can See

greyhoundTransfiguration C

Luke 9:28-36

Exodus 34:29-35

February 7, 2016


My brother Gary tells this story

far more often than I do!


It was a cold February morning.

I was behind the wheel of our old green Chevy station wagon,

driving the two of us to school.

It was a beautiful winter day – the sun was shining

and the snow at the side of the road was glistening.


We arrived at the intersection with the high school,

and I turned right onto East Street — East Street – facing directly into the sun.

As soon as we turned, the sun’s rays bounced off our frosty windshield,

completely blinding me.


Somewhat in a panic

(my brother remembers slightly more panic!)

I shouted, “I can’t see! I can’t see!”

The car bounced off the curb of the median strip.


By the grace of God, somehow I managed to pull into the parking lot.

By the grace of God, somehow I managed not to hit anyone or damage the car.

And by the grace of God, somehow my father never found out!


Whenever I hear these stories of transfiguration;

of Jesus in his dazzling white apparel,

of Moses’ face shining so brightly in the presence of God

that the people can’t look at him unless he puts on a veil…

I think of the blinding light of the frosted windshield that morning.

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Who’s Really Blind?

Lent 4A: Change of Sight: Who’s Really Blind?

eyeJohn 9:1-41

March 30, 2014


Katie was a classmate of mine in elementary school.

​We were in many of the same classes for kindergarten through 6th grade.


I remember her younger brother well…

​he played trombone in the band,

​​he had a whacky sense of humor,

​​​he played baseball…


I remember her brother well…

​but I don’t remember much about Katie

even though she was in my class for seven years.


In fact, the only thing I really remember about Katie

​is that she was blind.


I and others identified Katie by her disability.

​She was the “blind girl” at Dawes School.

And sadly that’s all we knew.

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