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Blind Spots

Lent 4A – Blind Spots

John 9:1-41

March 26, 2017


Some of you know that I drive a Toyota Yaris.

For the most part, I love this car –

It’s small enough to park

And yet has a hatchback so I can fit my bike in the back.

Actually those were about the only two requirements I had in a car when I bought it.


As I started driving my Yaris though –I realized there was a problem.

The first time I noticed it was on the beltway,

and just as I was thinking of moving to the right lane,

a car came up out of nowhere…

The car has a huge blind spot.


The story of Jesus and the man born blind

reminds us that all of us have blind spots.

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Household of Healing

peters-house-at-capernaum-tiberiasEpiphany 5B Household of Healing

Mark 1:29-39

February 8, 2015

I came across a book this week

that made me think of Simon Peter’s mother-in-law.

It’s called “Being Dead Is No Excuse:

The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral.”

(Some of you could have probably written it!)

From the Table of Contents, it seems quite thorough;

everything from funeral home etiquette to recipes.

Doesn’t it strike you a bit odd that the poor woman is lying in bed with a fever,

is finally healed by Jesus,

and instead of taking it easy, she’s up and serving them in the same sentence?

Apparently being “nearly dead” is no excuse either!

When Lazarus is raised from the dead,

does he go and make dinner?

I’ll save you the time in looking it up.

The answer is ‘no’!

According to John chapter 12, after he’s raised,

Lazarus reclines at table and eats with Jesus.

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Remembering Maya Angelou

Remembering Maya Angelou maya angelou

I have been listening to a rebroadcast of a 2013 Diane Rehm show with Maya Angelou today.  Earlier this week, author, poet, and civil rights activist Maya Angelou died at the age of 86.  Why is it that so often we don’t fully treasure someone until after they’ve died? That ‘s the case for me with Ms. Angelou.

As I listen to her sonorous and soothing voice today, I am struck by the sheer wisdom she possessed.  It was a wisdom that did not come from books or journals (or even Google!), but the wisdom born of life – and a difficult life at that.

Love is healing…

In this interview with Diane Rehm, Angelou discusses her last autobiographical book, “Mom & Me & Mom.”  She had a complicated relationship with her mother – at three years old, she was sent away to live with her grandmother, and without explanation returned back at age 7 to be raped by her mother’s boyfriend. Wow…

Angelou says that she had thought about writing a book about her mother 20 years ago, but she wasn’t ready; she hadn’t learned enough.  She says that she still hadn’t learned that love is healing – not sentimentality or romance.

When she was sent to live with her grandmother, Angelou says, she learned that it was not an act of rejection by her mother, but an act of love. “Love allowed her to send her children away,” she says, and as a result, Angelou was given a gift to be raised by a tall, strong, devout woman who cared for her, was proud of her, and passed along her Christian faith.

There’s so much more I’ve been learning from Maya Angelou this week. But for now I’m savoring her words, “love is healing” and giving thanks for this wise woman.

In Christ,

Pastor Jen

Who’s Really Blind?

Lent 4A: Change of Sight: Who’s Really Blind?

eyeJohn 9:1-41

March 30, 2014


Katie was a classmate of mine in elementary school.

​We were in many of the same classes for kindergarten through 6th grade.


I remember her younger brother well…

​he played trombone in the band,

​​he had a whacky sense of humor,

​​​he played baseball…


I remember her brother well…

​but I don’t remember much about Katie

even though she was in my class for seven years.


In fact, the only thing I really remember about Katie

​is that she was blind.


I and others identified Katie by her disability.

​She was the “blind girl” at Dawes School.

And sadly that’s all we knew.

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