Faith Story About Synod Assembly

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Good morning, my name is Christopher Hickey and a member of Good Shepherd for almost three years. Thank you for the privilege of representing you at the latest DC ELCA Synod Assembly.

I found representing you at the Assembly to be a wonderful time, and moreover, a reminder of one of the gifts we enjoy as Lutherans.


Let me explain a bit about myself to give context to that gift. I came to the ELCA in the late 90s. Before that I was born and raised in the Roman Catholic tradition. As I grew older, I became dissatisfied with how the Catholic Church manages itself and how it conducts its work.


So, now I get to represent my church at a regional assembly where I was asked to participate in providing feedback to the Synod leadership on its strategic plans, budget, outreach initiatives and to vote for nominees to the Synod Council. Wow, democracy in action.

What a gift. The gift of being included.


On a personal note, I would also like to add that I was able to walk right up to Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, the presiding national leader of our church, and to speak to her. I cannot imagine being able to do this in my previous faith tradition.


In summary, my time as your representative reinforced in me that the ELCA is my spiritual home and that I am truly grateful for this. By the way, that is what I told Bishop Eaton.


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